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Discordia Cine is a female-founded LA based production company.


The Weight of Land


Writer/Director: Daniel Drummond

When a family of Latino ranch-hands learn they’ve inherited one of the largest ranches in region, the promise of a better future seems certain. But when ranch-hands become ranch owners, small-town politics and feuds spurred by that windfall drive a wedge between the Estradas and their small Arizona town. As the stakes keep rising, the cracks within their own family start to show, sometimes to deadly consequences.

Status: packaging and financing

Supported by



Short Film

Writer/Director: Veronica Kompalic

Plástico is a political satire exploring the narcissism of the authoritarian and the madness of the follower. 

The small Latin American nation of VZ has become militarized since the arrival of the mysteriously charismatic leader known as El Hombre. Wanting to produce political propaganda for an upcoming international conference, El Hombre has sent El Comandante, a terribly vain military commander, four soldiers, and a naive film crew to an abandoned house with the mission of shooting a short film advertising their government.

Status: Festival Circuit


Patria & Muerte ('Fatherland & Death')


Writer/Director: Veronica Kompalic

A journalist returns to his homeland to write about the death of a controversial leader. Expecting to find a utopian society, the journalist descends into madness when confronted with the reality around him.

Status: on development

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Paper Trail


Writer/Director: Rachael Moton

In rapidly gentrifying North Philadelphia, two genius Black siblings at risk of eviction, begin doing the coursework of local college students in exchange for cash. When one of their clients, a white woman, goes viral from an essay they wrote, they’re forced to come to terms with her using their voices for personal gain.

Status: on development

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A Foreman
Short Film

33rd Guadalajara International Film Festival - Special Jury Mention
44th Student Academy Awards Finalist
14th HollyShorts Film Festival - Panavision Future Filmmaker Award
22nd LA Shorts International Film Festival
62nd Valladolid International Film Festival - Official Selection
2018 Athens International Film + Video Festival - Official Selection
41st Norwegian Short Film Festival - Official Selection
2018 Stony Brook Film Festival - Official Selection
41st Guarnice Film Festival - Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay

Out of The Shadows
Short Documentary

2019 Pasadena Film Festival - Best Documentary Nominee

2019 Phoenix Film Festival - Special Selection

2018 DocuWest Documentary Film Festival - Official Selection

2017 Coronado Island Film Festival - Official Selection

Contact me to get link for full film.

Sunyi (Silence)
Short Documentary

37th Busan International Short Film Festival

2019 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - Official Selection

2018 Santa Barbara Film Festival - Official Selection

Contact me to get link for full film.

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